Urban Gardening: Why Grow Your Own Food?


The idea of growing your own food might sound albeit far-fetched but coming to think of it, it is a very practical and exciting adventure. Unlike the traditional concept of growing food where there are vast pieces of land, urban gardening gives you a chance to create a beautiful garden at your small farm or even balcony. You might be left wondering how possible it is when you have a full-time job but it is actually possible! All you need is to create a self-sustaining garden that will require minimal attention while providing to all your needs.

bowl of fruits2

To begin with, having your own garden ensures that you are in full control of what grows and consequently what you eat. With all craze the world has to produce sufficient food, many people particularly here in Kenya do not pay attention to some critical aspects of food production particularly with regard to safety. It is no secret that food is now grown using too many pesticides, some of which are banned in Europe for their potential to cause cancer! It is shocking to know that many Kenyans are actually eating this food daily hence subjecting themselves to the negative effects of these chemicals. Growing your food will ensure you grow safe food that is free from dangerous inorganic chemicals. It does not mean that pests will not attack, or that your plant will not require fertilizer, but there are safe, organic replacements that will be better.

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When you grow your own food, you have a chance to recreate a beautiful world where nature is interconnected. It is very hard nowadays to find nature in its purest as people are busy clearing land to pave way for buildings and commercial farms. Shockingly, the populations of birds and certain insects critical to agriculture have been on a sharp decline, and so has clean air due to the carbon menace. Farming using the right agro ecological principles will see the integration of key players to a healthy ecosystem such as bacteria, fungi, insects, worms, birds, bees and so on. You even have the privilege to be part of the carbon reduction efforts by taking the carbon from air into the soil when the plants die!

bowl of herbs2

Nutritionists advocate that we eat a variety of vegetables every day for us to live a healthy life. Very many varieties of vegetables can actually grow in our urban farms such as kale, spinach, pumpkin, tomato, onion, herbs and many others. These foods give the body various vitamins and minerals that the body needs for proper functioning. Micronutrient deficiencies are very common in the world today since people, especially in developing countries, are not having nutritious diets. Having these food fresh from your farm will be adequate enough to supply you and your family with the varieties you need as well as giving the body all the nutrients it needs.

With this in mind, this needs to be a wake-up call for you to utilize the little space you have and get some food growing. Always start small, probably with one type of vegetable and after that, you can increase to more with time. Have a plan on how to get the materials you need such as compost and water so that your crops do not die! Once you begin this process, you will sure never go back.


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